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Jan 7, 2023

Nottingham Nature Nook Stewards of Nature Blog

Some of my greatest thoughts and ideas come to me in the early morning hours before sunrise. As I walk through the woods and fields putting food out for the wildlife, I am inspired by the quiet solitude that surrounds me. Several months ago the idea of “Stewards of Nature” came into my mind and I realized that this was the next step I had been waiting for. A program that would create stewards who would protect, enhance and develop a more intimate relationship with nature. By becoming a steward we take on the responsibility of nurturing our love for nature. We become more than a friend, we become a caretaker who ultimately benefits from nature physically, emotionally and spiritually.

This program will have many features and like any important idea, it will grow with time as more people bring their energy and input. For now, during the winter months, I would like to begin Stewards of Nature with a blog. After 42 years of keeping a journal and writing a book, I feel it is time. Time to share my thoughts and love for all that nature embraces, and time to share and inspire all the hidden treasures of nature with others. In the words of Mother Teresa, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”. My hope is that this blog creates ripples in our perception and relationship with nature.

Blessings and Gratitude,