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“When we work to save wildlife,

we ultimately save ourselves.”

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About Our Organization


All of the wildlife we receive are treated with both conventional and homeopathic medicine. By combining these treatments we are able to provide the best possible care with as little stress as possible.


Both the baby animals and birds are fed scientifically proven formulas that meet all of their nutritional needs. As the wildlife grow and mature natural foods are gradually added to balance and enrich their diet.


Not only do we provide for all their physical needs we also work to ensure that the mental and emotional needs of the wildlife are met. Warm, soft fleece beds, toys, hammocks and tunnels, natural branches and loving caretakers create a nurturing environment.


The needs of each species varies greatly in terms of their preferred shelters. By understanding the natural history of all the wildlife, we provide housing that they feel safe and happy in.


Although the majority of our time is spent caring for wildlife, our ultimate goal is to release them successfully back into the wild. This requires a careful and long progression of increasingly larger cages until they are ready to be released outside. At NNN we have created a diversity of habitats which allow us to release the majority of wildlife here at our sanctuary.

We Have the Power to Help Wildlife and We’re Doing Something About It

Nottingham Nature Nook has rehabilitated and released thousands of animals since it’s humble beginnings of one person helping one animal.

We continue to discover better ways to care for animals and today, more than 85% of animals such as squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, foxes, woodchucks, moles, songbirds, and (before Chronic Wasting Disease prevented their care) are successfully rehabilitated.

Cost to Raise Wildlife


SpeciesCare Cost per Week for One BabyAverage Weeks Cared ForTotal Cost for One Baby
Squirrel$3016 weeks$480
Foxes$10024 weeks$2,400
Fawns$10020 weeks$1,000
Songbirds$308 weeks$240

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Wildlife Rescued


613 Songbirds

216 Squirrels

127 Rabbits

8 Foxes

11 Fawns

3 Chipmunks

7 Groundhogs

2 Minks


175 Squirrels

126 Rabbits

1 Chipmunk

2 Groundhogs

6 Moles

1 Weasel

4 Foxes

18 Fawns

1 Muskrat

470 Song Birds


160 Squirrels

167 Rabbits

7 Groundhogs

2 Chipmunks

1 Mink

13 Red foxes

22 Fawns

457 Song Birds

1 Muskrat


293 Songbirds

158 Squirrels

189 Rabbits

13 Foxes

12 Fawns

14 Chipmunks

9 Groundhogs

1 Toad


118 Squirrels

187 Rabbits

3 Chipmunks

1 Groundhog

6 Moles

4 Weasels

1 Mink

6 Raccoons

8 Foxes (7 red and 1 grey)

217 Song Birds


110 Squirrels

121 Rabbits

2 Groundhogs

2 Chipmunks

6 Red foxes

147 Song Birds


106 Squirrels

154 Rabbits

10 Chipmunks

3 Raccoons

4 Groundhogs

2 Red foxes

156 Songbirds


102 Squirrels

155 Rabbits

7 Chipmunks

5 Groundhogs

2 Black foxes

83 Song Birds

5 Fawns


67 Squirrels

85 Song Birds

83 Rabbits

2 Chipmunks

9 Fawns


50 Squirrels

45 Rabbits

3 Woodchucks

2 Chipmunks

78 Birds

9 Fawns


45 Squirrels

3- 13 line Ground squirrels

1 Chipmunk

24 Rabbits

67 Birds

14 Fawns


46 Squirrels

28 Rabbits

2 Muskrats

1 Chipmunk

52 Birds

9 Fawns


57 Squirrels

31 Rabbits

53 Birds

8 Fawns


40 Squirrels

22 Rabbits

3 Raccoons

3 Mink

2 Fawns

1 Chipmunk

37 Birds

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Our Top Priorities

Living Quarters

Repair and build wildlife enclosures


Expand to adjacent property that has been purchased

Healing Environment

Create a landscape at the Nook that will promote healing for all.


Wildlife education through our website, brochures, & nature programs