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Jan 3, 2024

Nottingham Nature Nook Current Events (Jan. 2024)

For forty years, horses and their riders were the heart of this magical place called Nottingham. Gradually over the past fifteen years wildlife have shared this special setting, and have brought their own healing energy. Over the last few years I have struggled with how to bring both of my passions together. I want to honor the important role this barn has made in the lives of hundreds of horses and riders. At the same time, I want to explore the crucial responsibility of both rehabilitating local wildlife while working to preserve the habitats that they share with people. This kind of change can only occur when people become more enlightened and empathetic toward these creatures. It is my sincere belief that Nottingham can combine the healing energy of both horses and wildlife to bring about the changes that are needed in our world. Thank you all for your support of this vision.