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Our Story

Nottingham Nature Nook is a non-profit 501(c)(3) wildlife rehabilitation center in East Lansing, MI. At our center we raise and eventually release wildlife baby animals and birds, as well as caring for injured adult animals and birds that are brought to us from the public thereby  providing an invaluable service to the community by filling the gap left by services that concentrate on domestic animals.

After working as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for many years I have come to realize that the wildlife I heal also heal the people that they connect with. I have found that people will go to extraordinary lengths to save a wild creature and bring it safely to me. The connection that exists between all living beings is felt even stronger when an animal or bird is injured or orphaned. If we look at people, wildlife and nature separately we ignore the energy of life that connects us to one another. In order to bring peace and healing to one we must embrace the whole. When we work to save wildlife we ultimately save ourselves.

Our Vision

Nottingham Nature Nook is both a wildlife rehabilitation center and nature sanctuary in East Lansing, MI. At our rehabilitation center we provide care for wildlife babies and injured adults. At our sanctuary, we foster learning and healing opportunities for people with both horses and wildlife.

My vision for Nottingham Nature Nook is to combine our current rehabilitation center with a nature sanctuary. At the nature sanctuary we will foster learning and healing opportunities for people with both horses and wildlife. Within this sanctuary all of the wildlife that are being rehabilitated, as well as those that have been released will live in harmony throughout the property. As we combine the healing energy of wildlife with our horses, ponies and a miniature donkey named Geneva we will be able to provide a unique opportunity to heal by observing all of these animals in their natural setting. Simply by sitting and watching these creatures, people can feel the peace and joy that comes from being in nature. By creating this sanctuary, the connection between people and animals will be strengthened and healing can begin. 

As we create a sanctuary with these outdoor enclosures we will also be able to provide a unique opportunity for people to observe these animals in their natural settings. Simply by sitting and watching these creatures, people can feel the peace and healing that comes from being in nature. By creating this sanctuary the connection between people, wildlife and nature will be strengthened and established.

Projects in 2024

1. Rebuilding our Fawn Barn with 2 additional stalls for older and injured fawns. (Expected completion: End of January)

2. Electricity to Outdoor Aviary and Fawn Enclosure

3. Educational displays for Fawns and Birds

4. Renovation of the entire first floor of the Nook House which includes the laundry room, kitchen area, and 4 rooms housing small mammals and birds. Bird room construction is planned to begin in early March.

5. Painting of Horse Barns

6. Benches for viewing Wildlife and Horses.

Donations can be ear-marked for one of these specific projects.

In addition to financial donations we also welcome donations of construction material and labor in the construction of these projects. If you would like more details on these projects please feel free to contact Cheryl by email or by phone at (517) 488-7451

Our Mission & Approach

Nottingham Nature Nook is a wildlife rehabilitation center that raises and releases wildlife babies as well as cares for injured adults. We also work to educate the public about the wildlife around them.


A Letter from Cheryl

Happy Holidays to all of our Friends and Family of the Nook

This year has definitely been the year of the squirrel here at the Nook. After tornadoes and severe windstorms swept through the area we received over 100 baby squirrels and 60 birds in one day! Thanks to an incredible group of volunteers and interns we were able to care for all of these orphaned babies throughout the summer and fall. This overwhelming number of intakes of squirrels and birds revealed the structural improvements that desperately needed to be done at the house. What began 15 years ago as a labor of love in my own small home, has become one of the main wildlife rehabilitation centers for fawns, foxes, squirrels and songbirds in over 9 counties. With this increasing number of wildlife every year, it has become clear that in order to provide the best care for all of these creatures, we must turn a personal house into a wildlife center. Our project goal for 2024 will be to renovate the existing house room by room, and convert it into a wildlife center that can better serve all of our wildlife.

As we move forward into the coming year the number of wildlife in need will continue to increase, and yet the hours in the day will remain the same. Although it is difficult to admit, the older I become the more I realize I simply cannot save all of the wildlife in need. What I can do, is provide all of the wildlife at the Nook with the best care and all the love that I can offer them. May your days be filled with the wonderful gift of nature that surrounds us all.

With Blessings and Gratitude,

Cheryl Connell-Marsh

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