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Jun 27, 2024


Perspective shapes your daily life. How you view the world creates the rhythm, balance and harmony in both your mind and body. Perspective can also influence the outcome of actions within your life. Recently, someone broke into our outdoor fox enclosure and released two of our adult red fox males that were unable to develop the hunting skills they needed to survive. After weeks of searching for them and putting food out daily they still have not returned.  Grief and then anger have now been replaced with the practical actions of installing surveillance cameras and padlocks on all of our outdoor enclosures. Instead of just focusing on the people that may try to harm our wildlife I look forward to viewing the wildlife that I do not normally see during the night hours.   Although this is still an inconceivable violation into my sanctuary and home the overwhelming outpouring of cards, letters and generous donations have been astonishing. Old friends, former students, complete strangers and even my retired postman have come forward with comfort and support of both me and the Nook. From my perspective this incredible act of love from so many people reassures me that despite this horrible act there is still so much good in the world.

This year I finally convinced my husband to leave a section of our front field unmowed for the wildlife. Some people may see this as an unsightly habitat for mosquitoes and ticks, but what I see is so much more than that. Now that this area is wild again, creatures that have never lived here before have begun to appear. Snakes are now traveling and feeding in the safety of the tall grass and rabbits are happily grazing on the bounty of grasses and weeds. Because this area is more natural both the deer herd and the flocks of turkeys are resting and grazing in this area for longer and longer periods of time. Barn swallows now appear like low flying crop dusters scooping up thousands of insects during the day while bats feed heartily at night.

Nature offers us a new perspective to see the world as we begin each day with the welcoming songs of the birds, and ending our day watching the fireflies dance at night. The gift of perspective is in your hands, only you can choose to see the magic that surrounds you.

Love and Blessings, Cheryl